Unusual and Wise Stories from Psychiatrist Patients

Psychiatry is the medical field that analyzes the complexity of the human brain. It attempts to define and comprehend disorders, and pinpoint the most efficient treatment, whilst focusing on the rehabilitation of mental illness. Its fundamental goal is to enhance the mental wellbeing of the patient.

It’s worth noting that biological and environmental factors alike can trigger symptoms of distress. At the same time, each person reacts differently to the same factors. But, statistically speaking, brain abnormalities lead to a higher risk of mental illness. Psychiatry can be intriguing and scary, at the same time. The specialists that work with schizophrenic patients, for example, are exposed to unusual incidents. This is what we’ll talk about today, namely wise or horrible stories from psychiatrist patients.

Demons Crawling on the Wall

A psychiatrist has gotten a client transferred to his case – he suffered from schizophrenia, having a long history of polysubstance abuse. Fundamentally, a person who employs polysubstance abuse willingly consumes a mix of psychoactive substances, one of them being alcohol. Diagnosing this client was challenging; considering that, most of his life he has been homeless.

Therefore, he didn’t follow a treatment for more than one or two months – tops. As the social worker introduced the patient to the psychiatrist, the patient seemed to aimlessly stare at the wall. The medical practitioner assumed that was pretty much expected, considering that it was the first they met. Nevertheless, when he was asked what he was looking at, the answer came as a surprise: the demons are crawling, which is okay.

Schizophrenic Child Telling True Things about People She Never Met

This definitely falls into the category of weird stories. A guy had a sister that suffered from schizophrenia. The odd part is that she would tell him all sorts of truthful things regarding people she never actually met – details such as an uncle’s middle name or what a specific person would do at a given time. And the weirdest part about that is that she was right. 

The Wisest Piece of Advice

This story has been told in one of the forensic psychology essays by a mental health professional that started to work in a community mental health center. The woman who had been assigned to show him the company said to him that there is a particular patient who is really crazy; therefore, as a mental health professional, he should be interested to meet him and analyze his condition. Evidently, this built a lot of anticipation.

Eventually, when he finally got to meet the patient, he was surprised, as he told him the wisest thing. He actually advised the mental health practitioner not to work there, as that place was a prison that treated both patients and staff members equally. He added that everybody felt miserable there.

Therefore, in spite of the appearances, the craziest guy there gave the wisest piece of advice of the day.

The Voices in His Head Were His Only Friends

Understanding schizophrenia is a huge challenge, as this is a mental disorder that has been proven to advance with age; therefore, it is continually changing. This story is about a particular schizophrenic patient that presented the usual symptoms – namely disheveled appearance, auditory hallucinations, and the lack of an expression on his face.

This person actually communicated with the voices that spoke to him. When asked what the voices would tell him, he refused to talk about that. Therefore, he was given medication in order to stop the voices from further disturbing him. Nevertheless, his behavior was unchanged, in fact, he looked even more depressed. When he was asked why that was, the answer was hit hard: the voices were my only friends.

The Woman That Wanted to Be a Better Mother and Wife, Even If She Had No Children or Husband

This story was told by a mental health practitioner that volunteered to help people continue their treatment. Therefore, she helped them to develop goals, which would keep them motivated throughout the process. A particular woman, when asked what her motivation was to get better, convincingly said that she wanted to enhance her health in order to be a better mother and wife. She gave specific motives, such as the fact that she wanted to have the energy to run around and play with her children.

As the healthcare professional mentioned this to another therapist that worked in that facility, she was told that that women never had children, and she was never married either.

In short, the realm of mental illnesses is fascinating at it is scary. When dealing with people struggling with mental disorders such as schizophrenia, you come across unusual stories and experiences. Of course, these are only some of the many stories and experiences out there. If you have any you’d like to share, feel free to do so in the comment section!


Choosing a university is not an easy thing to do. Why is that? Because you may feel unsure about it. You may think that maybe you don’t want to go through the university circle, and the very next second, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea after all. It feels like the Wizard of Oz right?

Well, it is normal to feel that way before making this kind of decision. Many students say that their first big decision in life was the one regarding the university. But how do you know if it is the right one for you?

The Yellow Brick Road

Since I brought “The Wizard of Oz” into the discussion, let’s make an analogy that may help us understand how choosing a university can really feel like.

The road to the university is quite similar to the yellow brick road that Dorothy walks on. You don’t really know anything about where you will end up at the end of the journey. However, if you started walking down this road, you already made a decision about your academic future.

The Scarecrow

In the novel, Dorothy first encounters a scarecrow that tells her that he wants a brain. In our case though, the scarecrow would express our indecision. It’s normal to feel a bit insecure when walking along this path because you go into the unknown.

Human beings are naturally nervous when going through something that they don’t know anything about. You might not know if you can cope with this situation, or if you will choose the right specialization.

Anyway, if you ever feel unsure about these things, you should try and trust your gut. Have faith in your power of choice. Also, if you feel obliged to go to the university when your heart tells you that your place is not there, then follow your instincts.

The Cowardly Lion

The Cowardly Lion symbolizes your fear. This feeling is tightly bounded by your insecurity and lack of self-trust. Don’t let these feelings prevent you from going on with your decision though. If you decided that you want to go to the university, then you will have to get past this phase.

Don’t forget that, even the Cowardly Lion found its courage in the end and killed the giant spider, becoming the king of the animals. Therefore, if you really feel like this character, then be the Cowardly Lion from the end of the novel.

The Tin Woodman

Another character that the protagonist of The Wizard of Oz meets on her journey is the Tin Woodman. If the scarecrow wanted a brain and the cowardly lion wanted courage, the Tin Woodman is asking for a heart.

I believe that the Tin Woodman may symbolize your indecision of going to the university. It is ok if you don’t want to do so. After all, it’s your future we are talking about here. Only you and you alone have the power to decide whether you want to take this path or not.

Another thing that the tin woodman may stand for is the change of heart that you may have during the university. This happens if you discover during the academic year that you chose the wrong university. In this case, you can ask for a transfer.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, choosing a university can really make you feel like Dorothy in the novel “The Wizard of Oz” because her journey is similar to yours. In any case, it’s safe to try and do a research about your potential universities before making any decisions. And last but not least, don’t forget to trust yourself.


We all like to say that we can manage our own time, that we don’t need a computer o an app to remind us of what we have to do. Yet, at the same time, we all seem to either forget or “conveniently postpone” an activity until we are forced to pull an all-nighter.

In these scenarios, you might want to put a stop to your pride and use a few useful time management apps to keep track of your time. This way, the projects will no longer pile up, and you’ll be able to enjoy free time while you are also being productive


Regardless of where you look for apps, Evernote will always be the first to show up. This app will allow you to gather your thoughts, notes, and ideas all in one place – and you may connect them through multiple devices.

This way, if you forget your tablet at home one day or don’t have your computer on you, you may access the notes from your phone. Plus, you may also check all of your assignments in, their due dates, and a work plan – all of which can be accessed with just one click.

Focus Booster

The purpose of Focus Booster is to take up the bigger tasks and break it down into smaller chunks while also leaving time for breaks. It’s known as the “digital Pomodoro timer,” and it works based on the Pomodoro method – one which says for every 25 minutes of work, you need a 5-minute break.

Plus, after 4 Pomodoro cycles, you will also get a 20-minute break for your brain to regain its focus. Once the cycle is done, you may return to the task that you have noted into the app.


Do you tend to make a lot of lists? If so, Listastic is very much up your alley. This app functions pretty much like a digital to-do list, reminding you of things that you need to do on a particular day.

Regardless if you need a reminder of the groceries or the names of the books that you have to get, this app can help you keep track.

Super Notes

SuperNotes is an Apple app that allows you to save images, recording, notes, and even more. This way, you will not have to write every single thing you hear in class. You can simply record your professor as they are talking, or you can take pictures of the important slides without losing precious time.

Plus, it also has a fun interface that makes note-taking entertaining. Everything is color-coded, so it will be very easy for you to organize your calendar and your lectures into categories.

Remember the Milk

It may have a funny name, but this app is known as the Swiss army knifeof time management apps. You may access your lists from your phone, your tablet, your computer – anything that has the app installed on it.

You can also add entries from your email, and it makes it very easy for people to add to the list while they are on the moo-ve (sorry-not-that-sorry).


Any.Do is another versatile app that allows you to manage your time the way you want it. It has everything from to-do lists to reminders, notes, and calendars if events where you can see your deadlines.

Like any other time management app from this list, you may transfer the data across devices – so you’re not only stuck to your phone or laptop if you want to check your schedule.

In the end, what you’ll need to follow a schedule is determination – and a fair amount of willpower. If you give in to procrastination, even the best time management app won’t be able to help you.


Universities represent a special place for any student, but did you know that every university in the world can amaze you with incredible facts?

I know that you probably heard enough historical information about your beloved university, but I guess you were never told about any concert that took place decades ago in your university campus, right? So, in this article, I will try and give you some facts about various universities that you probably had no idea of.

University of Greenwich

Do you like pirates? Well, if you don’t live under a rock, you may have heard that there is a movie franchise entitled “Pirates Of the Caribbean”. Well, if you are a fan and a University of Greenwich student, then you will be amazed to find out that a sequel of this franchise entitled “At world’s end” was filmed right beside the University of Greenwich.

University of Oxford

If you ever feel old, then you may need to think about the University of Oxford, which is actually older than the Aztecs. To give you a clue, the Aztecs were around in the 14th century.

University of Cambridge

Do you like football? If you are a fan of this sport, then you should know that the first official game of football was played in 1848 between the students of the University of Cambridge against Cambridge City. The match resulted in a loss for the students, but who cares, it’s all history right?

University of St Andrews

Do you like snow? Maybe you were part of some snow fights during your life. But what about shaving foam fights? If you don’t know about them, then maybe you want to be a part of the University of St Andrews. Every year, the students of this university take part in a shaving foam fight.

University of Surrey

Are you a classic rock music fan? Well, if you are, then you must’ve heard about the band called Led Zeppelin. They are true giants in the rock history. What if I told you that their very first gig was at the University of Surrey in the Great Hall back in 1968? Yes, it’s true. I guess the students never thought about the immense success that this band was about to have in the USA.

University of London

Remaining in the musical area, the University of London prides itself on hosting the first-ever live performance of the band Coldplay. The band played for a fundraiser.

London School of Economics

You know that universities have certain groups of students that spend time together and do all sorts of stuff. Well, students call these groups societies. One of the weirdest societies in the world of academics should be the one in the London School of Economics. This university has a HUMUS society. I can’t imagine what are the members of this society doing, but it definitely is weird.

University of York

This university lost a rubber duck and they pay you 200 pounds if you find it and return it to them. Nothing weird there, but that’s not all. I forgot to mention the fact that the rubber duck is lost in space.

Durham University

If you don’t want to end up in a marriage during your college years, then maybe this university is not for you since it has the highest rate of inter-student marriage (72%).

University of Aberdeen

Every time a new rector is installed at this university, he is carried by the student mascot “Angus the Bull” down the high street. That’s quite a fun walk, we might say.

These are only a few of the many unbelievable university facts that are actually true. In conclusion, the university is not only about studying, it’s also about fun or weirdness.