I’m your average college student with a great curiosity about the world we live in. I have long since had a passion for history, and politics also makes a great part of this. Without politics, there would not be any changes in this world – which is exactly what I’m trying to discuss in my theories.

I’m not saying I know everything since I am still learning; however, thanks to my studies, I do have a wide knowledge regarding political history that I wish to share with everyone – to spread the awareness.

I enjoy talking with people on this subject. On the other hand, I also dislike it when people are taking sides without doing proper research. I’m the “don’t shoot until you look” type of person; so, if I feel that I don’t have enough knowledge on something, I only open my mouth after doing proper research.

And I’ve got to admit, good research is hard to come across nowadays. Everything is either too thinned out or too stretched out, making it confusing for most readers – sometimes including me. That’s why I want to make it easier for my fellow college mates – or everyone looking for some quick info, for the matter.

I also love to write, as you may have noticed. This makes it easy for me to convey my thoughts in a reader-friendly manner – and it also ensures that I will post pretty often. It’s because of this that I cannot stay away from writing for too long, and I am always looking for new subjects to write about.