Unusual and Wise Stories from Psychiatrist Patients

Psychiatry is the medical field that analyzes the complexity of the human brain. It attempts to define and comprehend disorders, and pinpoint the most efficient treatment, whilst focusing on the rehabilitation of mental illness. Its fundamental goal is to enhance the mental wellbeing of the patient.

It’s worth noting that biological and environmental factors alike can trigger symptoms of distress. At the same time, each person reacts differently to the same factors. But, statistically speaking, brain abnormalities lead to a higher risk of mental illness. Psychiatry can be intriguing and scary, at the same time. The specialists that work with schizophrenic patients, for example, are exposed to unusual incidents. This is what we’ll talk about today, namely wise or horrible stories from psychiatrist patients.

Demons Crawling on the Wall

A psychiatrist has gotten a client transferred to his case – he suffered from schizophrenia, having a long history of polysubstance abuse. Fundamentally, a person who employs polysubstance abuse willingly consumes a mix of psychoactive substances, one of them being alcohol. Diagnosing this client was challenging; considering that, most of his life he has been homeless.

Therefore, he didn’t follow a treatment for more than one or two months – tops. As the social worker introduced the patient to the psychiatrist, the patient seemed to aimlessly stare at the wall. The medical practitioner assumed that was pretty much expected, considering that it was the first they met. Nevertheless, when he was asked what he was looking at, the answer came as a surprise: the demons are crawling, which is okay.

Schizophrenic Child Telling True Things about People She Never Met

This definitely falls into the category of weird stories. A guy had a sister that suffered from schizophrenia. The odd part is that she would tell him all sorts of truthful things regarding people she never actually met – details such as an uncle’s middle name or what a specific person would do at a given time. And the weirdest part about that is that she was right. 

The Wisest Piece of Advice

This story has been told in one of the forensic psychology essays by a mental health professional that started to work in a community mental health center. The woman who had been assigned to show him the company said to him that there is a particular patient who is really crazy; therefore, as a mental health professional, he should be interested to meet him and analyze his condition. Evidently, this built a lot of anticipation.

Eventually, when he finally got to meet the patient, he was surprised, as he told him the wisest thing. He actually advised the mental health practitioner not to work there, as that place was a prison that treated both patients and staff members equally. He added that everybody felt miserable there.

Therefore, in spite of the appearances, the craziest guy there gave the wisest piece of advice of the day.

The Voices in His Head Were His Only Friends

Understanding schizophrenia is a huge challenge, as this is a mental disorder that has been proven to advance with age; therefore, it is continually changing. This story is about a particular schizophrenic patient that presented the usual symptoms – namely disheveled appearance, auditory hallucinations, and the lack of an expression on his face.

This person actually communicated with the voices that spoke to him. When asked what the voices would tell him, he refused to talk about that. Therefore, he was given medication in order to stop the voices from further disturbing him. Nevertheless, his behavior was unchanged, in fact, he looked even more depressed. When he was asked why that was, the answer was hit hard: the voices were my only friends.

The Woman That Wanted to Be a Better Mother and Wife, Even If She Had No Children or Husband

This story was told by a mental health practitioner that volunteered to help people continue their treatment. Therefore, she helped them to develop goals, which would keep them motivated throughout the process. A particular woman, when asked what her motivation was to get better, convincingly said that she wanted to enhance her health in order to be a better mother and wife. She gave specific motives, such as the fact that she wanted to have the energy to run around and play with her children.

As the healthcare professional mentioned this to another therapist that worked in that facility, she was told that that women never had children, and she was never married either.

In short, the realm of mental illnesses is fascinating at it is scary. When dealing with people struggling with mental disorders such as schizophrenia, you come across unusual stories and experiences. Of course, these are only some of the many stories and experiences out there. If you have any you’d like to share, feel free to do so in the comment section!

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