Choosing a university is not an easy thing to do. Why is that? Because you may feel unsure about it. You may think that maybe you don’t want to go through the university circle, and the very next second, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea after all. It feels like the Wizard of Oz right?

Well, it is normal to feel that way before making this kind of decision. Many students say that their first big decision in life was the one regarding the university. But how do you know if it is the right one for you?

The Yellow Brick Road

Since I brought “The Wizard of Oz” into the discussion, let’s make an analogy that may help us understand how choosing a university can really feel like.

The road to the university is quite similar to the yellow brick road that Dorothy walks on. You don’t really know anything about where you will end up at the end of the journey. However, if you started walking down this road, you already made a decision about your academic future.

The Scarecrow

In the novel, Dorothy first encounters a scarecrow that tells her that he wants a brain. In our case though, the scarecrow would express our indecision. It’s normal to feel a bit insecure when walking along this path because you go into the unknown.

Human beings are naturally nervous when going through something that they don’t know anything about. You might not know if you can cope with this situation, or if you will choose the right specialization.

Anyway, if you ever feel unsure about these things, you should try and trust your gut. Have faith in your power of choice. Also, if you feel obliged to go to the university when your heart tells you that your place is not there, then follow your instincts.

The Cowardly Lion

The Cowardly Lion symbolizes your fear. This feeling is tightly bounded by your insecurity and lack of self-trust. Don’t let these feelings prevent you from going on with your decision though. If you decided that you want to go to the university, then you will have to get past this phase.

Don’t forget that, even the Cowardly Lion found its courage in the end and killed the giant spider, becoming the king of the animals. Therefore, if you really feel like this character, then be the Cowardly Lion from the end of the novel.

The Tin Woodman

Another character that the protagonist of The Wizard of Oz meets on her journey is the Tin Woodman. If the scarecrow wanted a brain and the cowardly lion wanted courage, the Tin Woodman is asking for a heart.

I believe that the Tin Woodman may symbolize your indecision of going to the university. It is ok if you don’t want to do so. After all, it’s your future we are talking about here. Only you and you alone have the power to decide whether you want to take this path or not.

Another thing that the tin woodman may stand for is the change of heart that you may have during the university. This happens if you discover during the academic year that you chose the wrong university. In this case, you can ask for a transfer.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, choosing a university can really make you feel like Dorothy in the novel “The Wizard of Oz” because her journey is similar to yours. In any case, it’s safe to try and do a research about your potential universities before making any decisions. And last but not least, don’t forget to trust yourself.

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