We all like to say that we can manage our own time, that we don’t need a computer o an app to remind us of what we have to do. Yet, at the same time, we all seem to either forget or “conveniently postpone” an activity until we are forced to pull an all-nighter.

In these scenarios, you might want to put a stop to your pride and use a few useful time management apps to keep track of your time. This way, the projects will no longer pile up, and you’ll be able to enjoy free time while you are also being productive


Regardless of where you look for apps, Evernote will always be the first to show up. This app will allow you to gather your thoughts, notes, and ideas all in one place – and you may connect them through multiple devices.

This way, if you forget your tablet at home one day or don’t have your computer on you, you may access the notes from your phone. Plus, you may also check all of your assignments in, their due dates, and a work plan – all of which can be accessed with just one click.

Focus Booster

The purpose of Focus Booster is to take up the bigger tasks and break it down into smaller chunks while also leaving time for breaks. It’s known as the “digital Pomodoro timer,” and it works based on the Pomodoro method – one which says for every 25 minutes of work, you need a 5-minute break.

Plus, after 4 Pomodoro cycles, you will also get a 20-minute break for your brain to regain its focus. Once the cycle is done, you may return to the task that you have noted into the app.


Do you tend to make a lot of lists? If so, Listastic is very much up your alley. This app functions pretty much like a digital to-do list, reminding you of things that you need to do on a particular day.

Regardless if you need a reminder of the groceries or the names of the books that you have to get, this app can help you keep track.

Super Notes

SuperNotes is an Apple app that allows you to save images, recording, notes, and even more. This way, you will not have to write every single thing you hear in class. You can simply record your professor as they are talking, or you can take pictures of the important slides without losing precious time.

Plus, it also has a fun interface that makes note-taking entertaining. Everything is color-coded, so it will be very easy for you to organize your calendar and your lectures into categories.

Remember the Milk

It may have a funny name, but this app is known as the Swiss army knifeof time management apps. You may access your lists from your phone, your tablet, your computer – anything that has the app installed on it.

You can also add entries from your email, and it makes it very easy for people to add to the list while they are on the moo-ve (sorry-not-that-sorry).


Any.Do is another versatile app that allows you to manage your time the way you want it. It has everything from to-do lists to reminders, notes, and calendars if events where you can see your deadlines.

Like any other time management app from this list, you may transfer the data across devices – so you’re not only stuck to your phone or laptop if you want to check your schedule.

In the end, what you’ll need to follow a schedule is determination – and a fair amount of willpower. If you give in to procrastination, even the best time management app won’t be able to help you.

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