Universities represent a special place for any student, but did you know that every university in the world can amaze you with incredible facts?

I know that you probably heard enough historical information about your beloved university, but I guess you were never told about any concert that took place decades ago in your university campus, right? So, in this article, I will try and give you some facts about various universities that you probably had no idea of.

University of Greenwich

Do you like pirates? Well, if you don’t live under a rock, you may have heard that there is a movie franchise entitled “Pirates Of the Caribbean”. Well, if you are a fan and a University of Greenwich student, then you will be amazed to find out that a sequel of this franchise entitled “At world’s end” was filmed right beside the University of Greenwich.

University of Oxford

If you ever feel old, then you may need to think about the University of Oxford, which is actually older than the Aztecs. To give you a clue, the Aztecs were around in the 14th century.

University of Cambridge

Do you like football? If you are a fan of this sport, then you should know that the first official game of football was played in 1848 between the students of the University of Cambridge against Cambridge City. The match resulted in a loss for the students, but who cares, it’s all history right?

University of St Andrews

Do you like snow? Maybe you were part of some snow fights during your life. But what about shaving foam fights? If you don’t know about them, then maybe you want to be a part of the University of St Andrews. Every year, the students of this university take part in a shaving foam fight.

University of Surrey

Are you a classic rock music fan? Well, if you are, then you must’ve heard about the band called Led Zeppelin. They are true giants in the rock history. What if I told you that their very first gig was at the University of Surrey in the Great Hall back in 1968? Yes, it’s true. I guess the students never thought about the immense success that this band was about to have in the USA.

University of London

Remaining in the musical area, the University of London prides itself on hosting the first-ever live performance of the band Coldplay. The band played for a fundraiser.

London School of Economics

You know that universities have certain groups of students that spend time together and do all sorts of stuff. Well, students call these groups societies. One of the weirdest societies in the world of academics should be the one in the London School of Economics. This university has a HUMUS society. I can’t imagine what are the members of this society doing, but it definitely is weird.

University of York

This university lost a rubber duck and they pay you 200 pounds if you find it and return it to them. Nothing weird there, but that’s not all. I forgot to mention the fact that the rubber duck is lost in space.

Durham University

If you don’t want to end up in a marriage during your college years, then maybe this university is not for you since it has the highest rate of inter-student marriage (72%).

University of Aberdeen

Every time a new rector is installed at this university, he is carried by the student mascot “Angus the Bull” down the high street. That’s quite a fun walk, we might say.

These are only a few of the many unbelievable university facts that are actually true. In conclusion, the university is not only about studying, it’s also about fun or weirdness.