History and politics. When you merge these two, you get a topic that I have forever been fascinated about – and that is political history. But what is political history, to be more precise? As a student attending politics classes, I can tell you that this area is most of the time seen as “narrow” or just “boring,” but that’s because they do not realize what’s at stake here.

The Importance of Political History

While history may be just a “thing of the past,” we wouldn’t be able to know how our society came to be. We wouldn’t know that we are now able to freely walk down the streets and buy whatever we want thanks to the guys that fought to bring down communism. Studying history in college will help us understand how we got to a certain point in our life, regardless if it concerns our culture or something completely different.

Being aware of our history will also prevent us from doing the same mistakes that our ancestors did. We will know the causes of what led to a certain riot – and we will know what to not do if we do not want a war on our hands.

For example: thanks to history, we now know that the majority of the people do not like the idea of sharing the lands with other people, having common assets, and staying in line to get some toilet paper. Hence, we know that reinstating communism would not be a smart move by any means.

Know thy past to know thy future. Everyone can yap their mouth and say this and that about our history – however, there is nothing more annoying than listening to someone who doesn’t have their facts straight. Similarly, a good education on political history will teach you neutrality. As a historian, you can’t take sides; your writing has to be as objective as possible so that it can be further interpreted – by people like me.

Studying the Successes and Failures

Now, I’m not going to claim that I’m such an expert in political history. I study politics, and I hope that at some time I’ll become a politician – but in the meantime, I provide academic writing help for every student on any subject. I share my thoughts and theories on my blog, and I try my best to raise awareness – and bring the right facts to the table.