Roles of the legislature on the act

Hi. Today I want to talk about essay on the law and politics. This an extremely hard topic to write. All students around the world are making the same mistakes. So, if I will ask you as a college student “can you do my essay for me?”, what will you answer as a person that studies jurisprudence and the law. It’s a hard question, I guess. Essay writing can have a different colors and rules, especially when we talk about the law. With regards to the effecting of the law into the country thus implementation, both the courts and the congress have equal powers. This is so because the court is deemed with the responsibility to make the laws whereas the Congress interprets them (DeLeo and Kevin 10). The Supreme Court can decide to agree to a law depending on its ability to fit into the constitution (Beaussier 750). The legislature may pass the law having considered it as to be proper and appropriate. For instance, the ACA is one that is bound to help most of the Americans if not all ad that is the main reason why it was passed with minimum objection at the congress. The congress’ law is to ensure that the bill is passed as soon as possible so that the American citizens can enjoy its benefits more.


Summarily, the idea or rather concept of ACA is one that can be said to have helped a lot of Americans. This is so because it provides a cheaper avenue through which the citizens of the country would get access to better health facilities and at a cheaper rate. The government, through its branches, plays an important role in ensuring that the act is implemented in the country. The above essay has provided a comprehensive discussion of the role of the three branches of the government on the affordable care act. Indeed, from the discussion above, it is true or rather right to assert that the three branches or rather essential elements of the government play a very imperative role in ensuring its citizens are subjected to proper health care which is a basic need, and the affordable care act is one of them.

Role of structure of the government with regards to the affordable care act

The affordable care act is commonly referred to as the Obama care in the United States and its abbreviation ACA uses to refer to it most of the times. It is one a health care program that could best be described as a statute enacted by the 11th United States Congress and signed into law by the former president Barrack Obama. The act was signed into law on the 23rd of March 2010 and since then; it has been seen to be helping individuals in the United States get access to better health care facilities at a cost that is lower as compared to other medical acts and programs. The term Obama care came from individuals who argued that Obama signed the bill into law to gain him some political mileage. However, he and his supporters helped their counterparts understand the fact that the scheme was developed to help the less fortunate in the society get access to the medical facilities thus reduce mortality rate caused due to inadequate hospital facilities. In conjunction with the health care and education reconciliation act amendment, the program has been seen to offer the American citizens as well as the health care system with a more relevant health regulatory program as it covers wider aspects of health care as compared to Medicare and Medicaid which is what the Americans were used to before the introduction of the Obama care. Major provisions within the ACA were realized in 2014 and studies have proven that by 2016, the number of individuals that were not yet registered or rather subscribed to this program decreased by more than a half. This is a clear or rather evident implication that the concept of Obama care was well accepted by the citizens of the United States of America. One of the major reasons that have seen the Obama care get more people subscribing to its services is the fact that it caused an expansion of the Medicaid eligibility and also influenced some changes within the health care insurance markets and the companies involved. Some of the changes that are tagged along with the introduction of the Obama care include the idea of insurers being made to accept all the applicants who apply for these services. This was not the case before, and one had to qualify in a bid to get the medical coverage. Also, it led to the insurers being forced to charge the same prices. Such a move saw most people subscribe to health insurance services and the equity in rates being charged was done regardless of age or economic or even financial status of an individual. Additionally, to cover some of the challenges that would be associated with such changes being introduced, it was mandated that each person purchase an insurance cover and the insurers were made to cover some of the essential health benefits. The federal government, in a bid to stretch their helping hand to the households between the 100%-400% of the poverty line, provides insurance premium subsidies.

Basic Structure of the National Government – Part 1

Most of the governments around the world have been seen to be comprised of three main branches or rather parts namely the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. The federal government is nothing short of this as it is also formed or rather comprises of the three branches aforementioned. All the three divisions have their different functions, and they work together, though independently, to ensure that the activities of the nation are conducted in the best way possible. This paper seeks to discuss the three branches of the government as well as their functions in ensuring the smooth running of the country.


In the United States of America, the president, in conjunction with other administrators in the government is concerned with the governing of this particular branch of the government. The president is usually voted into office by the American citizens who are of age 18 years and above. Once elected in his position, one of the responsibilities that he is deemed with is the enforcement of the laws that are passed in the congress. It is worth noting that the president may gain more votes all over the nation during an election but would still fail to win the race, and this may be so due to the powers of the people in the Electoral College who are the primary determinants of the winner in any given election.


In the United States, the legislative branch of the government is also referred to as the congress. It is deemed with the responsibility of law making. The congress is usually divided into two main parts, and these are the senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate comprises of 100 members each state having two representatives. The house of representatives, on the other hand, has 435 representatives. The function of the representatives is to discuss and thus determine whether the bills passed should be made into laws. One factor that is used in the determination of representative each state gets is the population of the state. It is for this reason that we have some states having up to 40 representatives in the House of Representatives whereas other have only two. Both the House of Representatives as well as the senates are elective posts, and this means that voters elect them from their respective states.


The judiciary is the final branch of the government ad is one that is very crucial. It comprises the Supreme Court and nine justices. In the judiciary, there are individual judges whose primary duty is to interpret the law using the Constitution. Such judges are responsible for the hearing of cases that have issues relating to the Constitution only. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States. The federal judicial system also has lower courts each located in the states, and they are deemed with the responsibility of hearing the cases that are related to one way or the other with the federal government. The Washington DC state hosts the headquarters of the federal governments in the United States.