Roles of the legislature on the act

Hi. Today I want to talk about essay on the law and politics. This an extremely hard topic to write. All students around the world are making the same mistakes. So, if I will ask you as a college student “can you do my essay for me?”, what will you answer as a person that studies jurisprudence and the law. It’s a hard question, I guess. Essay writing can have a different colors and rules, especially when we talk about the law. With regards to the effecting of the law into the country thus implementation, both the courts and the congress have equal powers. This is so because the court is deemed with the responsibility to make the laws whereas the Congress interprets them (DeLeo and Kevin 10). The Supreme Court can decide to agree to a law depending on its ability to fit into the constitution (Beaussier 750). The legislature may pass the law having considered it as to be proper and appropriate. For instance, the ACA is one that is bound to help most of the Americans if not all ad that is the main reason why it was passed with minimum objection at the congress. The congress’ law is to ensure that the bill is passed as soon as possible so that the American citizens can enjoy its benefits more.


Summarily, the idea or rather concept of ACA is one that can be said to have helped a lot of Americans. This is so because it provides a cheaper avenue through which the citizens of the country would get access to better health facilities and at a cheaper rate. The government, through its branches, plays an important role in ensuring that the act is implemented in the country. The above essay has provided a comprehensive discussion of the role of the three branches of the government on the affordable care act. Indeed, from the discussion above, it is true or rather right to assert that the three branches or rather essential elements of the government play a very imperative role in ensuring its citizens are subjected to proper health care which is a basic need, and the affordable care act is one of them.